Stand-Alone Fiction


The Triple Threat Series (Fiction)

Face of Betrayal Hand of Fate

Heart of Ice Eyes of Justice

The East Salem Trilogy (Fiction)

Waking Hours Darkness Rising 1595549463 (2)

Mia Quinn Mysteries (Fiction)

A Matter of Trust A Deadly Business



The Truth Advantage The 51% Minority Winning Every Time

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  • Melinda Brown

    When is the third book in The East Salem Trilogy coming out? Please! You can’t leave us hanging like this. Help!

  • Toolittletimetoread

    I am a fan of the Triple Threat Series, although I have just finished reading “A Matter of Trust” and enjoyed it as well, and am wondering if you are going to be writing more of the series perhaps including Ophelia?

  • morgan hunter

    i wish we could read them on the internet

  • harry dew

    Hi Lis, just finished Face Of Betrayal. First of your books I’ve read and could not put it down until I finished, great read. Look forward to reading all the others. I always enjoy your comments on Fox News.

  • Angela Carpenter

    I just read darkness rising, in the back it says the next will be available September 2013!

  • Kara Soltez

    When is the next Triple Threat book coming out? I absolutely love them. I also love your participation in the discussions on Fox News!

  • Sherry

    I also want to know if you will continue the series. I have some students that have Asperger’s and I must say I understood them in a whole new way after reading Eyes of Justice.

  • booknerd

    The first book I picked up was Heart of Ice. I did not realize it was part of a series. I simply bought it because it was on sale. I was thrilled by this book. I love a good spine chilling thriller and I love suspense books. I will DEFF be reading more books by Liz Wiehl! <3

  • Sandy Fuller

    I have just finished all of your fiction books and you sure do write a good whodunit. I am waiting for the next East Salem book.

  • bri

    Loved Mia Quinn and their struggles. Don’t give up on her!

  • Truckwife

    Where is the 3rd book of the East Salem Trilogy??

  • Donna Averill

    Is Final Tide out? East Salem conclusion?

  • Donna Averill

    You are absolutely amazing, how you do so many projects and with such Class! Wow I love hearing your views on O’Reilly and Fox! Thank you Lis…Looking forward to June and the next book

  • LindaS

    Thank you, Lis, for writing such entertaining books and showing that a very good story can be told in a “clean” way. I have read all your fiction books, and there hasn’t been a disappointing one yet.

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    “A Matter Of Trust” is highlighted today on

  • Sarah

    I love all your books. I just finished the Mia Quinn series, I hope you write more in this series! I cannot wait for more of your books!

  • liswiehlmod

    Thank you! I always love hearing what readers think of my books. And I do have another one coming out in January, though it’s not a Mia novel. It’s called “The Newsmakers.” I hope you’ll check it out!