A great fan letter

Here’s a fantastic letter from a fan that we wnated to share with all of you!

Dear Ms. Wiehl,

My esteem for you has always been based on your appearances on Fox and other networks. This morning I just wish I had the right words to tell you how much more I admire you now after reading most of your book, Face of Betrayal.    You are now the only person who is on my ULTRA AUTHOR LIST. So how did you earn this (rather dubious) distinction?

1.  Your writing (Face of Betrayal) kept me up almost all night. Despite the fact I have narcolepsy and lupus and have a very difficult time reading most fiction, I am gobbling up your book and enjoying every minute and dreading turning the last page on this taut, intelligent book.

2.  You write about faith without seeming “preachy” and that earns GOLD stars in my book because it is something so few are able to do.

3.  You have worked with someone I GREATLY admire, Chuck Swindoll.  When I looked you up this morning on Thomas Nelson, I was so pleased to discover you had co-written a study guide with Mr. Swindoll.  I am eager to locate this book!

    No doubt you are used to having your praises sung from many different sources, I sincerely hope that you know that any author that can keep a narcoleptic READING is QUITE THE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

    Personally, I have been experiencing a very difficult time medically speaking, and this past May was a month I was happy to see end. All through the worst of it my faith kept me calm and assured of His presence. Now, though, it seems that the enemy is taunting me with the worries that seem to come–and yet I am clinging to God, praying that I will not succumb to depression.  All that sounds so melodramatic, and I apologize for that, except I wanted you to know that finding again the joy of reading, made me feel thankful, hopeful and yes, happy.

    So I hope you enjoy your day and know you have touched someone with your writing and career.

    May God bless you always!

    Linda S.

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