The fan mail keeps on coming!

More fan mail for Face of Betrayal

Lis, hear you on O’Reilly all the time, and just now finished reading Face of Betrayal.  Excellent book, kept me interested the whole time.  Excellent friendship ring, great story, not so complicated one could not follow the ins and outs.  Am looking forward to Hand of Fate when it comes out. Go, girl!!

Plus, we have to include this great message and photo from a book club member!

I just wanted to let you know that we had a lovely time at our bookclub lunch and a wonderful discussion of both your book…  I am attaching a copy of a photo of our group at lunch; we had a lovely day of 72 degrees and low humidity so we are able to “brunch” on the veranda.
–Mary S.

Magnolia Girls

One thought on “The fan mail keeps on coming!”

  1. Best of luck to you on your new venture. I’ve bookmarked your site and expect to become a regular visitor.

    I sincerely enjoy your appearances of Fox News and you able legal analysis.

    By the way, I will be ordering a copy of Face of Betrayal this week…kind of a 70th birthday treat for me.

    Take care,

    Bill Strickland
    Camano Island, WA

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