The fan mail keeps on coming

We’re so happy that so many of you continue to write in after reading Face of Betrayal!  Here are a few more of the great letters we’ve received.

When you go to new restaurant and enjoy the food, you are supposed to say “my compliments to the chef.”  I read Face of Betrayal, and I would like to say; “my compliments to the author.”  I have always enjoyed looking at your pretty face on Fox, now I can tell others that that pretty face can write a damn good book… I am an avid reader, in a little less than 5 years, I have read 578 books.  I rarely try a new author, but I’m very glad I did with you. Keep up the good work and I will be looking for your next book.
–Ed H.

Just finished Face of Betrayal (signed) given to me by my wife for fathers day and I kicked my self for waiting to get through the stack….What a great read just ordered your other book and can’t wait. Your the best and every time your on the tube my wife just smiles and gives me a pass…good woman that she is.
–Tony R.

I received your book when I ordered the No Spin Mat from  I finished it in two days and I must say, it was excellent.  It kept me in suspense the entire reading.  I read a lot of books but mostly political, I have read Dick Morris, Beck, Hannity, and all of O’Reilly’s books.  It was a nice change to read a novel.  Excellent book!!!!  I also never miss the Factor and I enjoy it when you and Kelly spar with Bill, very entertaining.  Keep up the great work!!
–Sean T.

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