Lots of love for Lis!

We’ve been flooded with fantastic messages from fans who can’t get enough of Hand of Fate!  Here are a few of our favorites!

Love your books.  I finally bought the first one in February of this year and was so excited to learn about the new book.  Now I can’t wait for the next one.
–Johnette S.

I am now reading The Hand of Fate and cannot put it down. I love your books and look forward to when you write a new one. Keep up the good work.
–Debbie L.

But wait, there’s more!

I listen and watch you for two reasons.
You’re very smart and I learn something each time.
You’re very pretty and that helps.
I am 82 and WWII vet.
–Harlie W.

Hi Lis,
I have seen you over the years on the evening Fox program The O’Reilly Factor and am so glad to have the opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed all your segments… I find your comments insightful… of course being not only attractive but articulate doesn’t hurt either.  I am on my way to the book store now to pick up your two books and I eagerly look forward to reading them this weekend.  Your website too is a great way to get your take on the news of the day and you have introduced me to topics I knew nothing about… still mulling over the segment on the guy who has been deported 9 times… what a cancer on society… Thank you for your worthwhile contributions to broadcast journalism… We need more quality people like you…
–Ruth K.

Loved your first book–the ending surprised me, but that’s a good thing! Am now looking forward to reading your new book.
–Donna S.

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