We love your letters

Lis receives nice letters from fans like you almost every single day. Here are a few more of our recent favorites.

Just finished reading Heart of Ice and loved it. Could not put it down. Your book passed my test of a great author/book and that is the following: When I read a terrific book, I find myself thinking about the story when I am NOT reading it. That, to me, anyway, is a great book.  Have seen you and enjoyed your appearances on O’Reilly but didn’t know you were such a gifted author.  Thanks for entertaining my wife and I and I do plan on reading the other books from you.
–Howard K.

Oh my goodness.   I just got Heart of Ice and it is amazing… even better than the other two… great book and it’s hard to put down.  Hooked from the first page… thanks for writing such a great series. They are being passed around to my friends now so that they can become fans too… I’ll be looking forward to the new series now…
–Sharon A.

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