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Here are a couple of recent fan messages that we particularly liked. Thanks for writing in!

Just finished Heart of Ice five minutes ago and had to write you to tell you that I thought it was just fantastic! I’ve really enjoyed all three of the Triple Threat Novels and I hope that you and April reunite for another installment un the series. You guys work wonderfully together. I want to thank you very much for writing these books because they have actually brought me back to reading for pleasure. It’s also neat to read mystery thrillers that take place right in my own backyard, as I live in Eugene! I’ll be reading Waking Hours next…I’m sure it’ll be good!
–Curtis T.

A dear friend told me if I hadn’t read Lis Wiehl’s books – I’d better get on it!  I’m hooked.  As a believer, I enjoy works by Christian authors – can’t handle the strong cursing in secular books.  Karen Kingsbury has been my favorite for years – but I have another new favorite.  Will continue to buy your books & share them with friends.  Easy read – short chapters – great for someone on the go.  But so hard to put down!  Thank you for sharing your talent.
–Jean S. 

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