Lis loves your feedback!

Lis is always thrilled to receive your positive feedback and words of encouragement–send them to her right here! This is what some of you have been saying lately…

Just wanted to say I think all of your books are awesome!!! …I also think you are great on FOX. Keep up all your great work.
–Jo V.

I have been a fan of yours, watching you with Bill O’Reilly, for some years. I just had the opportunity to read Face of Betrayal (in two days). I loved it! Having a strong Christian faith myself, I am happy that you have not been afraid to show that in your characters, and at the same time show how others search for faith. I also enjoyed the Triple Threat Club. It is so important for us to have other women who support us and with whom we can share our problems.
I am looking forward to reading the rest of your books.  Thank you so much!
–Sherry C.

I am reading Eyes of Justice right now, so sad that Cassidy got killed but can’t put the book down. OK, I put it down to write this email!! Love your books and will be finished with this one soon, all in one day. My family thinks I’m nuts, I take books to read even while brushing my teeth. Keep the books coming.
–Susan J.

…Love all your books. Waiting patiently for Darkness Rising in November. Thanks for amazing hours of reading! Also love you on Fox. Be well.
–Linda D.

I have read every one of your novels, and they are so hard to put down once I start reading them. I have loved every one and can hardly wait for the next one to come out. When my family and friends know that I have gotten the latest one of your books, they all eagerly await their turn at reading it, and they all know that none of them will have to wait very long.  I think we all set records for speed when we read your books.  Thank you for writing such great suspense stories… it is so nice not to have to worry about the language or inappropriate content when I read them.  They are amazingly good and bring God into the book in ways that are inspirational and thought provoking.  I have loved them all.  I am a huge fan.
–Sharon A.

5 thoughts on “Lis loves your feedback!”

  1. Lis, I started reading the novels because of recognition from the O’Reilly Factor and they were good.  However, I did not like Eyes of Justice as much as the other four. It was too gory.  Although Cassidy was shallow, she had some redeeming qualities. The “triple threat” worked because their diverse personalities and profession.  Lindsay – why do that to her? Ophelia, I feel is a watered down version of Lisbeth Salander which immediately takes away from her authenticity.  I hope the character is developed differently otherwise I will lose interest. 

  2. Just sent this limerick to Bill at, titled “curmudgeon”. Doubt that his crew will open it. 

    There is a curmudgeon O’Reilly
    Who likes to appear fair and smiley
    But when with Wiehl everyone can feel
    That smiley O’Reilly becomes biley.You are great on his program. Keep up the good work.Liked your book “Face of…”. I’ll have to look at the others.Dave H.

  3. I’ve read your triple treat series and loved them. So i thought I’d give the East salem series a shot. A first I thought it would be too Dean Koontzish if thats a word, but I was wrong, Walking Hours was great and now I’m reading Darkness rising. Here’s my problem. I like to associate with the characters. Tommy Gunderson is easily I picture a Brian Bosworth type ex-football player. But Dani, all I know is she might be pretty. Not once do you hint at her Height, eye color, hair color. I started reading Darkness Rising and put it down. No I said, I have to be wrong. I just re-read the first 150 pages of Walking Hours. writing means Who, What, When, Where and How. So how about a little help here. What is Dani Harris.

  4. I read one of her books and she did a terrible job developing her plot. Those of you who read her and think she is a good write, well, that indicates to me that you do very little other reading with authors who are dynamic and thrilling. Try reading a Brad Thor book for instance or a Daniel Silva book……….

  5. Great job today on the Zimmerman case. Was trying to figure where i had seen you before… probably the Factor

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