The Journal News profiles Lis

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Merrill Sugarman Gutstein, whose daughter is good friends with Wiehl’s daughter, says the celebrity factor quickly vanishes under Wiehl’s warmth. “She’s articulate, but on the other hand, she puts you completely at ease.”

Wiehl is an active member of the Larchmont community – she’s prepared a new stack of signed copies of “Face of Betrayal” for Anderson’s Book Shop – and rarely gets stopped on the street by people who recognize her from television. She works out at the Equinox health club, takes the train to the city wearing jeans and spends weekends driving Dani and Jacob from one sports activity to the next.

She hates shopping, she says – “All these women are just gorgeously done and they spray that stuff on you” – and is grateful for the wardrobe staff at Fox News.

Wiehl smiles and offers a cup of tea for the road. She’s going to have a quick bite to eat and then she’ll put the dishwasher on. It’s unlikely she’ll change out of her warmup suit or put on makeup, even if she heads into town. After all, today is a day off.

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