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We’ve been swimming in messages from you guys lately, and we love it! Keep them coming!

Just finished reading Face of Betrayal, and I loved it.  It WAS a great “me time” book. I can’t wait to read Hand of Fate. Keep those books coming! I always enjoy you on Bill O’Reilly.
–Karen H.

Love to watch you on the Factor.  You are a role model for girls starting out in the working world to see women can be beautiful, talented and smart.  Keep up the good work.
–Linda K.

But wait, there’s more!

GREAT job! I just bought “Face”; started reading it; after 1/2 the book on 1st night of reading, I bought “Hand”. Now I’m sad – I have to wait almost a year for “Heart”.  You should be awarded for NOT using the usual 4 letter words & providing clean, interesting reads!  Keep it up!!
–James W.

Hey Lis…Just finished it slowly so as to prolong the twist’s at end..Really enjoyed the read… I also admire all your life’s accomplishments; law education, Federal prosecutor, college professor, radio talk host, tv celebrity and author. Most importantly being a Mom.. You’re A COOL of luck to you and your family..looking forward to your next book and enjoying you on Fox..God Bless Lis…
–Ed C.

Loved Face of Betrayal and Hand of Fate!  Will preorder Heart of Ice as soon as I can!  Also, enjoy you on FOX News, particularly your “sparring” with Bill O’Reilly.
–Peggy H.

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