Great “Face of Betrayal” audiobook review

Vic’s Media Room recently posted a very nice review of the audio version of Face of Betrayal.  Here’s an excerpt:

It is an injustice to say that Pam Turlow is the reader of this book.  Pam Turlow really is the actress who brings the characters to full life.  There are many characters and Ms. Turlow uses her voice to give unique voice to them all.  I would think that, for a woman, male voices would give her a problem; that is not the case.  Each of the three women have their own voice as well, especially Nicole with her Southern accent and it is a marvel that Ms. Turlow was not only able to remember each voice but switch so effortlessly between them.

This is an exciting book, extremely well paced and suspenseful.  I know when you hear this audiobook you will be like me eager to hear the next offering in the series.  I think because of the incredible vocal acting ability of Pam Turlow that it makes the story even more exciting.  This is the first book in the series but be of good cheer, there is another in the series and, of course, read by the remarkable Pam Turlow.

Thanks for the review, Vic!

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