Help me reconnect with a long-lost friend!

Have you seen this child?

Nearly fifty years ago–in April 1965–I attended a Civil Rights demonstration in Ft. Worth, TX, where my father, an FBI Agent, took this photo, just after I met a new friend:



This is where you come in!

I would love your help.  Do you know someone who might have details about that day?  Someone who might have been there in Ft. Worth–who recognizes something distinctive and might just know who this other child is?  Let me hear from you!  Leave a comment below, or click on the CONTACT link above to send a note.  It would be an honor to reconnect with this other child all these years later and hear what she remembers about that day.

And I truly hope you’ll enjoy reading Snapshot, the story inspired by my discovering this photograph.  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!




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